EMS integration and Multiple CPOs and CPMSs



Are you tired of being limited by your energy options? And want to learn how to combine any Energy Management System (EMS) with your CPO?

Look no further than ChargeBroker! While you may only be able to use one CPO, with our platform, you can tap into various EMS services tailored to meet your specific energy needs. Whether it’s for your parking lot, charging station, home, or city, we’ve got you covered!

Our OCPP gateway makes integrating your chosen EMS services with your CPO a no-brainer. Plus, ChargeBroker isn’t just for businesses; it’s for your home, too! By seamlessly connecting your Home Energy Management System (HEMS) to the grid, we empower you to become the eco-warrior you have always dreamed of being. The possibilities are endless when it comes to energy efficiency. From locally harnessing energy from your solar panels to storing energy in your electric car with the Vehicle-to-Grid service, we make it effortless for you to maximize your energy consumption sustainably.


Stop settling for less and start living your best, most energy-efficient life with ChargeBroker! Don’t let your energy needs hold you back any longer. Join the ChargeBroker community today!


Are you struggling to streamline and manage multiple CPOs and CPMSs for your EV charging networks?

As a savvy business owner, we understand that you face a daunting task in choosing different CPOs/ CMPSs accommodating diverse regional requirements and various types of locations (homes, offices, retailers, hotels, parking lots, and more) while also keeping the feature roadmap in mind.

Let us take the burden of managing multiple CPOs and CPMSs off your shoulders! With our cutting-edge OCCP gateway, you can seamlessly integrate and consolidate all your EV platforms under one umbrella. ChargeBroker enables you to mix and match all your services, ensuring a unified experience that enhances the scalability of your business.

As Patrick Rademakers, EV2.0 thought leader and E-Mobility consultant, pointed out in a recent webtalk:

"The problem is that most people accept the one-system-does-all as an unshakeable fact, and they only start looking for solutions once they are really fed up with the limitations of the current architecture."

Don't wait until you're fed up! It's time to reach out to our supportive team and discuss how ChargeBroker can leverage your business.

With our solution, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

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