Software Architect


We are recruiting an experienced Software Architect, whose soft skills are as sharp as their hard skills, and knows how to make intuitive high level decisions when it comes to software development.


  • Collaborate with team members to determine best practices and requirements for software development
  • Oversight and approval of all final programs and products before formal launch
  • Oversee and support the coaching and training of team members to ensure all necessary employees are confident in the use of software applications
  • Actively seek ways to improve business software processes and interactions
  • Prepare easy-to-understand reports for supervisors detailing achieved milestones and short-term project goals
  • Use a proactive approach to common challenges and continuously research best practices in coding
  • Ensure software security by developing programs to actively monitor the sharing of private information
  • Troubleshoot coding problems quickly and efficiently to ensure a productive workplace

Must have

  • 5-7 years of experience in designing and implementing software applications
  • Professional programs certification in Java/ python/ C++/ C# and others
  • Experience in working on large-scale software projects
  • Demonstrated knowledge of web applications, cybersecurity and open source technologies
  • Experience in developing software utilizing various coding languages including Java, C++, python, C# and more
  • Experience in overseeing customized development of processes simultaneously for multiple projects
  • Professional experience in analyzing code for weaknesses and errors, and overseeing plans to improve it
  • Experience in designing secure software systems based on industry-specific specifications
  • Outstanding collaboration and communication skills
  • Great verbal and written English language skills
  • Extensive practical experience in applying advanced data structures and algorithms in mission-critical production-level code and optimization tasks (e.g. Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Fibonacci Search Technique, Timsort, LL/LR Parser)
  • Understanding and is ability to successfully apply software security principles. For instance, the principles behind cryptography and basic algorithms (e.g. RSA, MD5, SHA-1/2, digital signatures and digital certificates)

Nice to have

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