Optimize & Socialize for Better Content Marketing

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Content marketing is een marketing techniek voor het maken en distribueren van relevante en waardevolle content voor het aantrekken, verwerven, en binden van een doelgroep – met als doel het stimuleren van klant interactie en conversie. Onderstaande keynote geeft een mooie samenvatting van ‘the ins & outs’ van content marketing
Keynote presentation at BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012 by Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing Jibe begeleidt bedrijven bij het definiëren van een adequate content strategie en hoe dit in te voeren in de dagelijkse marketing & communicatie organisatie. Meer weten? Neem gerust contact op!

Bol.com is online onaantastbaar!

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Rankingz.com biedt inzicht in de online reputatie van merken, inzichtelijk gemaakt door ranked lists van vergelijkbare merken. In samenwerking met Entertainment Business wordt maandelijks een specifieke lijst samengesteld en gepubliceerd in EB Magazine. Dit keer de online reputatie van Clicks & Bricks, waar Bol.com de lijst aanvoert. Klik hier voor de dagelijks geactualiseerde lijst.

Clicks & Brick - Online Reputatie

Jibe is mede-initiatiefnemer in Rankingz.com en voorziet in de online reputatie analytics Neem gerust kontakt op voor vragen en advies!

Online Monitoring – From Online Performance to ROI

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Many businesses want to get insight in their online Brand Performance. The huge amounts of data can provide very useful insights on Brand Awareness and Dialogue. These insights can help businesses to improve their online presence and engagement. Ultimately, businesses want to understand how their online performance contributes to their business objectives, also referred to as ROI (Return On Investment) or ROE (Return On Engagement). Jibe Company helps businesses to get clear insights and understanding on their online performance and the impact or contribution to the business objectives (sales, subscriptions, traffic, etc). Jibe’s Social Brand Builder is an intelligence platform that instruments, aggregates and reports on the whole eBusiness performance. Check out the report below, and see for yourself!

Add a facebook page tab application to your page

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JIBE | Setup Your Facebook Application

JIBE | Setup Your Facebook Application

Adding a Page Tab application to your facebook page used to be simple…. no more… According to the facebook documentation you should now use a link like: https://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=YOUR_APP_ID&next=YOUR_URL
Just use the form below…

Add your app now

Fill your application details and press Submit, a dialog will appear to choose which page to add the app to.
  • APP_ID:
Provided by Jibe

How can monitoring help you in building a good image on social media?

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The next important objective of companies participating in our research is to improve or manage their image and reputation on social media. Social media is proving to be a truly innovative channel to improve image by managing customer relationships. This is because it is having high influence on the decision making process and buying behavior. Before purchasing  a product everybody just checks the reviews on social media and asks friends’ recommendation. As well as recommendations, though social media is a good place for complaints. And bad news spread fast.  By monitoring social media you can easily track the cause of the complaints and idetify the issues they refer to. Moreover, customers always appreciate it when their complaints are addressed fast and solved by companies themselves. Usually, it does not matter if you are on social media or not, people are still talking. So, companies that join the conversation are able to provide the most relevant answers and thus manage the issues and their image. If you want to prevent being in one of the many ‘’most hated’’ list, be proactive and monitor conversations around your company or brand.  What exactly to measure and focus on? Sentiment is the metric that can show you the prevailing attitudes of your community at any time. It can also help you check what your current online image is. By tracking the changes in sentiment you can evaluate what is going well and what could go better in your online activities. In the time of economic crisis people are spending much less and are much more careful on what they buy. Having a great website is still very important, but in the current market situation you should not only look good, but  look like you can deliver what you promise. Social media gives the opportunity for that. You can be open and friendly to customers in a direct conversation. You can promote your product/service while discussing and  offering  tips or advice. In this way people will learn more about the positive sides of your company without the forced exposure to advertisements they do not trust. By gaining customers’ trust, you can have an advantage over competitors In the best case you would like many people to be positive about you and to be actively talking about you. But you can do even more.  By determining your true ambassadors and enthusiasts and talking to them, you will be able to get relevant and valuable feedback on your activities. If your fans on social media like you and trust you they will share your content and messages creating buzz around your company or brand. But how many people do you finally reach and who are they? Next week we will focus  on measuring and proving the reach of social media activities. Do you know who reads and reacts on your messages?