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Online Monitoring – From Online Performance to ROI

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Many businesses want to get insight in their online Brand Performance. The huge amounts of data can provide very useful insights on Brand Awareness and Dialogue. These insights can help businesses to improve their online presence and engagement. Ultimately, businesses want to understand how their online performance contributes to their business objectives, also referred to as ROI (Return On Investment) or ROE (Return On Engagement). Jibe Company helps businesses to get clear insights and understanding on their online performance and the impact or contribution to the business objectives (sales, subscriptions, traffic, etc). Jibe’s Social Brand Builder is an intelligence platform that instruments, aggregates and reports on the whole eBusiness performance. Check out the report below, and see for yourself!

Add a facebook page tab application to your page

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JIBE | Setup Your Facebook Application

JIBE | Setup Your Facebook Application

Adding a Page Tab application to your facebook page used to be simple…. no more… According to the facebook documentation you should now use a link like:
Just use the form below…

Add your app now

Fill your application details and press Submit, a dialog will appear to choose which page to add the app to.
  • APP_ID:
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