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The 5 most important objectives in monitoring social media

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Social media can actually influence a very wide range of business areas, like PR, Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Sales and even Product and service development. The confusion comes when these effects must be proved- and this is where social media analytics steps in. By monitoring and measuring social media you will get data which can be used to improve and control various areas of your business, so that finally, it gets to the return on your investment. We asked our respondents to rank their objectives in using and measuring social media according importance.  And these are the 5 most important objectives:
  • Get more insights in their community on social media
  • Improve brand awareness and brand dialogue
  • Improve reputation and Image
  • Increase reach/value
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
In the next few posts we are going to  discuss  these objectives in more detail . So, stay in touch.

“Measuring is Knowing’’

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Is the famous Dutch saying relevant in terms of social media?

It very much is! And the knowledge that social media measurement provides can be very valuable for every business or brand. In what way? This we are exploring and discovering step-by-step in our research and findings.

The focus questions this time are: Have Dutch companies measured social media impact so far and are they interested in doing it?

According to our findings most of our respondent companies have not thoroughly measured or analysed social media impact before, either because they did not see the need for it or they did not know how. Many of them have been using a combination of analytic tools already available to monitor social channels and others tried to do it with web analytics like Google for example.

Things have changed  and currently almost 48% of our respondents are already actively monitoring social media and trying to measure its effects, and 30% are still not doing it but are interested.

This change in the approach towards social media comes because companies have realized how influential this medium can be. If a company is not on social media that does not mean it is not affected by everything that is being said about it. Customers (potential and actual), competitors and partners are there – discussing products and brands, creating communities and forming positive or negative attitudes.

That is why not only companies actively using social media are showing interest in monitoring it. Measuring for their clients, monitoring their competitors or simply checking what of their website or blog content is being shared and commented on. All this information can be of great use and all of it can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, blogs etc.

Social media can also be the perfect place for dialogue, getting to know potential clients or partners better, learn their opinion and finally engage them in various campaigns and activities. So, analysing social media is not only about knowing what is going on there, but being able to influence it.

All in all, Dutch companies are monitoring social media to some extent and in their own way. But they have realized how important it can be and are searching for tools to help them do more and go deeper into the social media analytics.

What data can be measured on social media, what it can be used for and what tool provides this data, we are going to explore this in further details in our next posts.

So, stay in touch for some more interesting insights.

DJ Top100 : The predictive value of Online Reputation

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For some time, we are monitoring popular Brands and people, to get some insight in their Online Reputation. On we also compare them to their peers in order to gain more insights in the mechanisms that influence this reputation.
Another very interesting insight we are trying to develop, is the predictive value of these reputation insights. For the last months, we are monitoring the DJ’s that are ranked by DJ Mag top 100. DJ Mag is a British magazine about electronic dance music and DJ’s and is famous for its DJ Mag Top100 contest. Yesterday, the contest results where announced. We where very curious how that would relate to the ranking based on online reputation. Also see this blogpost for earlier posts on this topic.
Below the results and see for yourself!

Dutch companies on social media

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Although the focus of our research is social media analytics, how companies approach social media in their marketing activities, is still the basic question. Various comparative researches are stating that the Netherlands is behind on using social media for marketing, compared to other countries like the UK and US. Companies in the Netherlands see social media only as an additional channel to use for promotion or communication. That is why they use it in combination with traditional activities and channels (for example TV, Radio, newspaper, outdoor, online advertising etc.) Here is what we found out:
  • Participants in our research say they are mostly combining social media communication with their website or blog activities for sharing content.
  • Small companies in the Netherlands are the most active on social media, mainly on the three most popular channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Mid-size companies are still adapting to these new media and are not so active on it.
  • Big companies and brands have difficulties to adapt but they are active and using wider range of channels for their marketing (including YouTube for example).
  • Most social media active companies are from the marketing and communication, media, events and entertainment and non-profit sectors.
No matter, if Dutch companies actively use or are still adapting to social media, they think it is an important aspect of their marketing and communication strategies. That is why the value of social media per company should be discovered and proved. Are you using social media for promotion, communication or other marketing activities? Which social media channels do you use and how active are you on them? See also: The predictive value of Online Reputation Follow the discussion updates on: Twitter and Facebook

Research results and discussion

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The value of Social Analytics for you

Thank you for your interest and participation in our research.

Lately, we have been busy analysing the experience of companies in the Netherlands, concerning social media analytics and its value for them. We decided to ask You- the professionals we consider most knowledgeable and experienced about your opinions and experience. You filled in our survey and some of you had a talk with us and shared needs, challenges and ideas connected to the topic. We are continuously processing the outcomes of our research and discovering interesting facts and trends. We would like to share these findings with you and further discuss on them.

We will greatly appreciate your input, so feel free to share experience, give suggestions or ask questions. You can do this in both English and Dutch.

We hope to help your business discover the value of social media analytics, meet the challenges of this new environment and benefit from it! Let’s start discussing and discovering Enjoy! P.S If you would like to participate, but you haven’t filled in our survey, you can still do so on: Follow the discussion updates on Twitter and Facebook

Cheers, Edwin Founder & Director of Jibe

Researcher: Betty Stefanova